Foot Switch FS3

Foot Switch FS3

The Foot Switch FS3 is an ergonomically designed modular system, developed for use together with LINAK control boxes and IC actuators with intelligent control.

The LINAK® Foot Switch is designed for easy and improved control of e.g. hospital beds and couches/tables and has been developed in cooperation with end users.

The Foot Switch is therefore very user- and cleaning-friendly and has an aesthetic design. The FS3 is a robust foot control, and is available both as a single and double version as well as a floor and bed model.

When mounting the double version on a bed, the Foot Switch will be placed on each side of the bed frame to enable 
easy operation from both sides.

It is also possible to have the double floor version for medical applications, e.g. couches/tables, in order to achieve the opportunity to control different motions of the application.

The FS3 is furthermore available in an analogue version and a digital OpenBus™ version.

foot switch fs3

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user manual 

This User Manual will tell you how to install, use and maintain your LINAK electronics. We are sure that your LINAK system will give you many years of problem-free operation.


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